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Mustang Codes

1967 Mustangs have eleven character identification numbers stamped in several locations on the car's chassis and body. For official vehicle identification, including title and registration purposes, the number is in one location. For the 1967 model year, the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is stamped twice on the top upper flange of the left front fender apron. Only one is usually  viewable unless the fender is removed.

For 1967, a stamped Warranty Plate (reversed) is riveted to the rear face of the driver's side door. At the point of original sale, a similar plate affixed to an owner's card was issued to the purchaser. The VIN also appears on the Warranty Plate, as well as Production Unit Number.

Assembly codes for 1967 Mustangs


Plant Location

F Dearborn, Michigan
R San Jose, California
T Metuchen, New Jersey
N *Netherlands


Engine Codes

A 289-4V
C 289-2V
K 289-4V High Performance
S 390-4V
T 200-1V


Body Style Code

63A Fastback Standard Interior with Bucket Seats
63B Fastback Luxury Interior with Bucket Seats
65A Hardtop Standard Interior with Bucket Seats
65B Hardtop Luxury Interior with Bucket Seats
65C Hardtop Standard Interior with Bench Seat
76A Convertible Standard Interior with Bucket Seats
76B Convertible Luxury Interior with Bucket Seats
76C Convertible Standard Interior with Bench

Exterior Color Code

Occasionally a paint code would carry over into early production units of the following model year, although not listed as available, or having been discontinued.  Conversely, late production units were often painted with colors which were not charted available until the next model year.  Using the chart below, your paint supplier will be able to cross-reference the numbers shown with any major manufacturer's paint mix charts.  If you're painting panels or parts to match existing painted parts, we highly recommend you obtain a paint sample from the manufacturer of the paint to be used.

A Raven Black DuPont 88
B Frost Turquoise DuPont 4610
D Acapulco Blue DuPont 4857
F Light Blue DuPont 4070
H Diamond Green  
I Lime Gold DuPont 4790
K Nightmist Blue DuPont 4780
M Wimbledon White DuPont 4480
N Diamond Blue  
Q Brittany Blue DuPont 4951
S Dusk Rose Ditzler 50470
T Candy Apple Red DuPont 4737
V Burnt Amber DuPont 4793
W Clearwater Aqua DuPont 4787
X Vintage Burgundy DuPont 4490
Y Dark Moss Green DuPont 4788
Z Sauterne Gold DuPont 4742
4 Silver Frost DuPont 4733
6 Pebble Beige RM 1635
8 Springtime Yellow RM 1776
* Playboy Pink  
* Anniversary Gold  
* Columbine Blue  
* Aspen Gold  
* Blue Bonnet  
* Timberline Green  
* Lavender  
* Bright Red  


Interior Color Code

2A Black, Standard Buckets RM 4464
2B Blue, Standard Buckets RM 5748
2D Red, Standard Buckets RM 5773R
2F Saddle, Standard Buckets RM 5739
2G Ivy Gold, Standard Buckets RM 5778
2K Aqua, Standard Buckets RM 5742
2U Parchment, Standard Buckets RM 4595
6A Black, Luxury Buckets RM 4464
6B Blue, Luxury Buckets RM 5748
6D Red, Luxury Buckets RM 5773R
6F Saddle, Luxury Buckets RM 5739
6G Ivy Gold, Luxury Buckets RM 5778
6K Aqua, Luxury Buckets RM 5742
6U Parchment, Luxury Buckets RM 4595
4A Black, Bench Seat RM 4464
4U Parchment, Bench Seat RM 4595
7A Black, Comfortweave Bucket RM 4464
7U Parchment, Comfortweave Bucket RM 4595
5A Black, Luxury Comfortweave Bucket RM 4464
5U Parchment, Luxury Comfortweave Bucket RM 4595

Date of Manufacture

Date Code: The first two digits are the day of the month in which the car was put together. The Letter refers to the month in which the car was assembled. For a production year over 12 months, refer to the second year column.

MONTH Fist Year    Second Year
January A N
February B P
March C Q
April D R
May E S
June F T
July G U
August H V
September J W
October K X
November L Y
December M Z


Transmission Code

1 3 Speed Manual
3 3 Speed Manual
5 4 Speed Manual
U C-6 Automatic
W C-4 Automatic


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